The Film Society Co.

We work with small businesses and craftspeople to communicate all that is unique about them.

Using crisp photography, delicate styling and an instinct for narrative, we will tell the story of your craft. We work with clients to unravel their story, converting it into compelling, thoughtful narrative shots, interspersed with beautiful, meaningful b-roll. Staying true to our values, we are sure to avoid stereotypes, stock footage and cliches.

Our Process

Our core team of two - one photographer and one writer - found that through uniting their skills they could create something unusual and distinct. We will work with you to distil the core of your craft, hone in on the underlying story and infuse it with soul and flair.

  1. SCRIPT - following an initial meeting in which we discuss details, locations and ideas, we will produce a script bringing everything together and guiding the next stages.
  2. SHOOT - after agreeing the script, the fun really starts! We will gather video, audio and b-roll.
  3. EDIT - it's time to fire up the supercomputer (or ‘Big Bertha’ as she's affectionately known) and start pulling the story together, adding in your logo, graphics and text as required. Once we've polished the final edit, it's all yours and the internet's the limit.

One shoot, many outputs

Your time is valuable and, as a small enterprise, so are your pennies. We price our work honestly, and our philosophy is to give you not just one film, but a toolkit to help build your business. Therefore, one shoot could be edited to provide any combination of the following:

  • One 2-7 minute film for your website and media enquiries. This is where we really explore your craft.
  • Two or three 1 minute snapshots for use on You Tube or Vimeo. These are more detailed micro-stories picked out from areas of the main film.
  • A selection of 10-20 second teaser clips suitable for Instagram, Vine, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Evocative b-roll clips that help to set the mood and show off the palette and ethos of your business. Our b-roll reels showcase the forgotten, quiet moments and passing thoughts. It's a sideways look at your business and great for use around your website and on social media.